Dyno Testing

Our well equipped in-house dynamometer facility at our Sydney workshop has the capacity to test most complete Diesel engines with a power rating up to 600 hp (450 kW) and a torque rating up to 2100 ft lbs (2851 Nm).

The function of an engine dynamometer is to absorb and apply a variable load to an engine and is highly recommended for marine, industrial and also commercial engines to ensure trouble-free bedding-in of piston rings, camshaft and other crucial components under controlled operating conditions.

Our standard dyno testing procedure includes operating the engine for a minimum of 3 hours under ideal variable loads and speeds.

A printed report including readings of horsepower and torque outputs at specific engine speeds is also included.

Pricing and costs for dyno tests are dependant on the type and size of engine – Please contact our sales team for a quote.